Transport & Fleet Safety

Transport and Fleet Safety

Readymix Qatar is a major user of the Qatar road network having a fleet size of well over 300 vehicles. It has therefore identified Road Safety as one of its biggest safety challenges and is highly committed towards the prevention of deaths, injuries and property damages associated with road traffic accidents. To fulfil this commitment, in 2016 Readymix Qatar was successfully certified to ISO39001:2012 Road Traffic Safety Management System, incorporating a number of good practices through the issue of rules, specifications, guidance and advice, all of which is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect current Company Policy and Standards.

Readymix Qatar’s road traffic safety risk assessment comprises the “5 Pillars” of Road Transport Management, namely: Driver, Vehicle, Journey, Contractor and Load Management.

Certified to the ‘Aegede’ system, internal Driver Trainers are employed to deliver Behavioural Defensive Driving Training which is done in a defined frequency for all company drivers.

Periodic Health checks and Driving Assessments are our mandatory requirements to further control the risks in driving and a high standard of vehicle maintenance through our own workshop facility is one of our main priorities.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) is installed in all truck mixers, concrete pumps, buses, and pick-ups as a means of monitoring the driver and vehicle performance. All road and site traffic incidents are investigated to identify the root causes and actions are being taken to prevent the recurrence of the incident.

The aforementioned initiatives are all embedded within the company business processes leaving no doubt that its activities have a significant positive impact on the Road Traffic safety of the State of Qatar

Readymix Qatar conducts its business with a goal of ZERO injuries, complying with legal, regulatory, corporate and global standards. As an organization we strongly believe that Safety is meant to be done ‘With People’ and not ‘At People.’ This is achieved through a high level of involvement and engagement with our workforce and contractors. Through our constant endeavours we have been able to seed deep in our employees hearts and minds that safety is not a barrier but a valuable tool to accomplish the company targets and objectives efficiently.

Over past years, with the commitment from the top management, Readymix Qatar has successfully established that Working Safely is the prime condition of employment. Our ambition is to continuously improve the safety standards every day in our workplaces through the inspirational leadership of the management, regular trainings, communications, consultations, monitoring, inspections and audits.

By prioritising the main risks in our operations, which are Working at Height, Confined Spaces, Mobile Equipment and Energy Isolation, we have implemented the best control measures available following hierarchy of risk controls and industry best practice.

To improve our behaviour Safety, we have established a program of Visible Personal Commitment (VPC) wherein the top management engage with the shop-floor employees and motivate them through positively reinforcement coaching discussions on safety.

We have a well-established system of award and recognition program wherein every month an employee gets rewarded for his excellence in safety practices. Furthermore, we have our own in house translation committee comprising of volunteer employees who rewrite various safety communications into the various languages of our workforce therefore ensuring safety policies and instructions are understood by everyone.

Readymix Qatar is certified to OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety management system, and is also licensed by the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) to conduct in house training of our workforce through our own internal training department.