Safety Culture

Safety Culture

Readymix Qatar conducts its business with a ZERO injuries goal complying with legal, regulatory, corporate and global standards. As an organization, we strongly believe that Safety is meant to be done With People and NOT At People. Through our constant endeavors we have been able to seed deep in our employees’ hearts that safety is not a barrier but a valuable tool to accomplish the targets efficiently. Over the years with visible commitment from the top management, RMQ has successfully been able to establish that Working Safely is the prime condition of employment.

Our ambition is to improve the safety standards every day in our workplaces through active engagement across all levels of staff. Our sincere efforts over the years have led us to achieve ISO 45001:2018 accreditation and approval from IOSH to conduct Working Safely and Managing Safely courses which we do for our own employees.

Safety Culture

Readymix Qatar (RMQ) is committed to ensuring Environmental friendly practices through the implementation of procedures and best practices which are periodically reviewed and continually improved. It shall integrate the management of Environmental aspects and impacts into the daily running of the business and ensures this is communicated to all levels of the Company.

Our ultimate aim is to:

•Protect the environment

•Reduce pollution

•Conserve resources

•Follow the hierarchy of waste control

•Achieve high standards of housekeeping

•Encourage the protection of biodiversity

RMQ is certified to ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) which promotes continual improvement of environmental initiatives and confirms the company’s compliance with legal and other requirements. Through rigorous top management commitment, adequate resources are provided to ensure that all environmental improvements are implemented wherever possible.

Through the above mentioned initiatives, RMQ is proud to be considered as an environmental and globally responsible company.