Employee Health Care

Employee Health Care

Readymix Qatar focusses strongly on the prevention of work-related illnesses and the promotion of employee wellbeing. This is achieved by a pre-employment screening of the employees, Occupational Health Risk Assessments to identify likely exposure, Health Assessments for Safety Critical Tasks to confirm fitness for carrying out those tasks, and Health Surveillance of employees with potential exposure to workplace hazards. Furthermore, the company conducts Periodic Health Monitoring of employees to proactively identify and treat serious health conditions, and undertakes employee wellness and health education programs.

As part of Health Surveillance, Industrial Hygiene Surveys are conducted to identify potential exposures of respirable silica and other hazardous substances in the workplace. Noise Surveys are also regularly conducted to identify high noise zones and Personal Noise Monitoring to identify levels of exposure for exposed designations and establish remedial actions.

The company has established Government approved First Aid Units with licensed nurses to cater for urgent as well as planned health initiatives. The First Aid Units are situated at company accommodations in a number of locations within Qatar so as to ensure the nurses are within the reach of all our employees. To give further support, we have agreements in place with local third-party health providers offering our staff professional support and specialist services.

All these activities help in the company to identify and control all workplace hazards under the banner of our ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’ program so as to maintain a safe and healthy environment for its workforce and to focus on employee wellness.

Our aim is that everyone who works for our company shall return to their home and families in the same or better conditions than when they left them.